• gelato and coffee for business customers

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    Via Martini, 36055 Nove

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  • What We offer

    Artisanal Italian ice-cream (gelato) and roasted coffee for your business in Italy and abroad

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    Artisanal italian gelato

    Our artisanal gelato production is led by Leonardo and Elisa out of our production facility in Nove, Italy.


    We only use natural and local ingredients based on fresh milk and cream of premium quality. Many of our fruit-based flavours are made without milk and we offer perfectly suitable alternatives for vegan and lactose intolerant customers. We have a broad range of flavours at all times and offer the possibility to develop special tastes together with you.

    We supply in Italy and abroad. It typically takes us less than ten days from order to delivery, so you never never run out of fresh products. Gelato that is frozen at -18C° and properly stored has a long conservation time.

    We also offer turn-key solutions to bars, restaurants and existing gelaterias, which can include both the gelato and the equipment for storage and serving customers (freezers, vetrinas,…), this allows to maintain the highest possible quality from production to consumption.



    Sample of our flavours


    vanilla - stracciatella - Sicilian pistacchio - chocolate (milk based)

    dark chocolate (vegan, lactose free) - nutella - hazelnut (Piemonte)- fiordilatte

    Sicilian almonds (vegan, lactose free) - Sorrento I.G.P. lemon (vegan, lactose free)

    strawberry (vegan, lactose free) - orange and cinnamon - tiramisu- mokka coffee

    salty caramel - fudge - cookies - white chocolate - Cremarella (our secret recipe)

    lime & ginger (vegan, lactose free) - chocolate & mint - snickers - lemon & basil

    Calabrian licorice DOP

    and many more


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    specialty coffees

    We operate a micro-roasting facility from our shop in Vicenza. Guests can learn about coffee roasting and order their specialty coffee blends right on the spot.

    For our business customers, we offer the same service on a slightly larger scale.

    We discuss our customer’s needs, establish a mix and roast together a tailored blend that reflects your taste and identity. We can provide specialty coffees (including the fabulous Jamaican Blue Mountain) and the equipment to prepare these high value added products in your premises.

    As an example, we recently developed a specialty coffee with a customer who runs a fish restaurant. We selected a mix and roast that perfectly matches the delicate flavours of fish meals, allowing the customer to offer their clients an extra treat at the end of their culinary experience.

    Specialty coffees are increasingly appreciated and popular, and while sold in smaller volumes, they allow for significantly higher margins as compared to regular coffee blends.

  • Who we are

    Cremarelli is the story of the passion of a young Italian couple. At just 40 years old, Elisa and Leonarde


    Our laboratory in Nove was born after an experience of seven years in South Africa where Elisa and Leonardo spent their time running a gelato and coffee lab and shop. This period has given them innovative ideas to enhance both recipes and production processes for gelato, resulting in an exceptionally tasty and qualitative product.


    In May 2021, we opened our first point of sales on the Piazza delle Biade, in the historic centre of Vicenza; in 2022 we moved our production to Nove and opened a true laboratory where we can experiment with new recipes and products. Since the summer of 2022, we sell our gelato and coffee successfully to a handful of businesses in Vicenza. We are now actively looking for more partners, be it in the area of Vicenza, the rest of Italy or abroad.


    We would love to hear from you!

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