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    open until late in the weekend

    Piazza delle Biade 18, 36100 Vicenza

  • Opening hours spring season
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    Gatto, the aperitivo we brew ourselves



    Something to celebrate?


    We can help!


    We love hosting aperitivi on our terrace or in our private room. Don't hesitate to reach out!

    We roast our own coffee in our shop, always freshly roasted coffee



    We roast our own coffee beans in the shop, that is why every cup is full of flavour!



    We do not order our green coffee beans in bulk, only the quantity we need, as such we make sure to roast the beans while they are still fresh.

    Artisanal Italian gelato made with fresh local ingredients



    Artisanal Italian ice cream, made fresh in our shop, using only local and seasonal ingredients



    Some classics: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, yogurt, lemon, almonds, berries,...



    Or maybe consider ginger & lime, or liquorish, or gorgonzola?



    Many of our fresh fruit flavours are made without milk!

    Try our Spritz Airone Rosso with gorgonzola gelato



    Enjoy some people watching on the Piazza delle Biade over some nice prosecco or our signature Spritz Airone Rosso paired with specialty ice cream snacks

    Sweet or salty pancakes as a perfect snack (with or without apero)



    Salty with ham and/or cheese or sweet with nutella. With or without aperitivo.

    Affogato with Cremarelli coffee

    coffee specialties

    Irish coffee

    Coffee-based hot chocolate

    Cafferello (coffee-based affogato)

    Coffee granita






    Enjoy breakfast with coffee and croissants and views on the piazza



    We open early all weekdays, for coffee and croissants!

    Gatto, the aperitivo we brew ourselves

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    Who doesn't love aperitivo? Or should we say bitter? Does it really matter?


    Red bitter aperitivo liqueurs emerged in the nineteenth century, mainly in the north of Italy. Because of their herbal ingredients, they were initially often praised for their medicinal effects. Being based in Vicenza, the heart of the Veneto, we just had to launch our own red-brown liquor. We're not claiming any health benefits beyond a pleasant feeling on the tongue, we are however immensely proud of our Gatto©.


    Enjoy it in a perfectly balanced bitter-sweet cocktail, on the rocks or as a spritz. Up to you!


    Our personal favourite? The amerigatto!




    [if you like it, you drink it]

  • Gelato & more

    Cremarelli offers a novel culinary concept that allows to experience Italian artisanal ice cream (gelato), house-roasted coffee and (non-alcoholic) cocktails based on local, seasonal fruits, sparkling wines and liquors.


    Its uncompromising approach to quality of fresh ingredients and artisanal production methods combined with a relentless focus on excellent service and innovation, make for a unique sensory experience that will remain imprinted on your palate.


    Cremarelli is not just about gelato (ice cream), our offering includes coffee specialties, granita (crushed ice fruit drinks), classic and innovative aperitivo and homemade sweet and salty snacks.


    Because we care about our customers, we make sure you always find your favorite products, the highest quality and something new to discover at every visit.

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    Like our coffee and want to buy some to drink at home?




    Like our concept and want to open a franchise?


    Drop us a line!

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  • Opening hours

    Monday 10.00 - 00.00

    Tuesday 09.00 - 00.00

    Wednesday 10.00 - 00.00

    Thursday 09.00 - 00.00

    Friday 10.00 - 01.00

    Saturday 10.00 - 01.00

    Sunday 10.00 - 23.00


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